Mohamed Sohail

Mohamed Sohail

Track: IoT

Topic:Self-healing IoT enabled Data center

Join us in an insightful presentation @APPortunity (24th January, 2018, 45 Minutes (3:00 PM to 3:45 PM) in one of our Session Halls for “IoT”.

With big data and IoT maturity and the need to enhance analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence, data centers are required to run challenging workloads while becoming more sophisticated. This brings up the idea of self-optimizing and self-healing data centers as top priority. The industry, however, is resistant to change and slow to adapt to this new World of AI and IoT, which we believe, if done right, will help deal with the complexity of monitoring various assets in real-time while maintain a steady-state at all times.
The biggest obstacle for “self-healing data centers” is that every system communicates in a different language, creating various forms of silos. However, we are seeing progress toward a universal data center language through the next generation data center devices that consolidate and aggregate data across systems and translate it as necessary for use by the management system, and the emerging solutions and related components.
In this presentation Mohamed and Dr. Said will discuss the convergence between IoT and AI technologies illustrating some of their great potential for the data center industry. He will illustrate this with novel ideas that will help make the dream of self-healing Data centers a reality.


Mohamed Sohail is a Dell-EMC Proven Professional Data Protection & Availability expert with over 11 years of IT experience in operations, implementation and solutions architecture. Sohail is a Dell EMC CTO patent committee judge with 4 patents in the IoT ranging from security to performance optimization. He has more than 10 published industry research papers ranging from data center, IoT and cloud computing. Sohail is also a member in the Industrial Internet consortium IIC and its steering committee.

Dr. Said Tabet



Dr. Said Tabet is Lead Technologist IoT and Artificial Intelligence, a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium Steering Committee, and the Program Committee IoTSWC. With close to three decades in the industry, Said is focused on Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, autonomous

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