Mario Van der Meulen

Mario Van der Meulen

Track: UI & UX

Topic: Design Now To Next

Join us in an interactive session @APPortunity (24th January, 2018, Duration: 45 Minutes, 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM) in one of our Session Halls for “UI & UX”.

The tech-digit revolution is at full speed; re-defining brand, product and design experiences. Flooded with ever-growing data aggregation, and now armed with AI capabilities that soon may develop better versions of everything, including itself, what is next – or what is left – for brands and designers? How do each evolve, and what role will they play?

At this session the attendees will learn what needs to change for brands to make use of data? What new role is there for a designer, when AI could soon be doing it all better, faster, and cheaper? What is the potential for AI, other than automation, and how do brand and designers tap into that?


Mario believes that people ignore design that ignores people. He is a creative, who’s able to see what others are saying. A versatile, ambidextrous designer who can think strategically and execute tactically. Formerly as creative director at Frog and currently as a Principal Designer at Foolproof, he discovers designs and delivers experience design principles. He gives a voice to the end-user, meaning to the solution, and value to the design thinking.

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