Jonathon Gregory

Jonathon Gregory

Track: IoT

Topic: Eating IoT: Apps serving 23 billion meals a day

Join us in an interactive session @APPortunity (24th January, 2018, Duration: 45 Minutes, 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM) in one of our Session Halls for “IoT”.

Food is Life, Farming is Civilisation, Digital Connection is Enlightenment. IoT is profoundly changing our capacity to grow, process and eat food sustainably. The world will consume 23 BILLION meals today – sadly not evenly spread across the 7.5 Billion individuals we live with. As all individuals gain a digital identity, as every aspect of the physical world gains a digital identity, we can do more than just sustain life, we can enhance our civilisation through the thread of food grown, supplied and consumed by everyone with dignity.
At this interactive session learn how access to realtime data through IoT across an unbroken production and food supply chain is transforming land use, logistics and how we eat.

Operations, regulations, financial transactions and consumption behaviour are being impacted with profound benefits to sustainable natural resource use, ethical production including labour, and healthy, affordable and safe food.

APPs put the power of realtime decision making in the hands of every individual along the supply chain.


Jonathon Gregory is an executive, entrepreneur and leader enabling individuals, communities, businesses and governments to harness the power of IoT to feed the world and sustain a dignified and civilised society. He recently established Youmeus Global with his son to harness a dynamic ecosystem bringing operational capability unlocked by IoT enabled realtime data to individual communities, small business, multi-nationals, government and research teams. He has over 25 years experience in executive roles including establishing the KPMG IoT Smart Food and Fibre practice in Australia; Government primary industries executive managing agriculture, biosecurity, water, public land and fisheries including the first use of digital licence and smartphone genomic disease exclusion; Leading IBM Asia Pacific event marketing in the dot com boom; and working in a range of roles in the transformation of global steel manufacturing with computerization in the 1990s.

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