Amit Arora

Amit Arora

Track:Agile Dev & Testing

Topic: Let’s dive into the future of the APP Industry.

Join us in an informative session @APPortunity (24th January, 2018, 45 Minutes, 03:15 PM to 04:00 PM) in one of our Session Halls for “Agile Dev & Testing”.

This insightful session will take you through the current trends and the future perspective of the app industry. The app industry is immense and there is no end in sight. As the industry grows larger, there are a lot of challenges that come along not just for the developer community but for everyone else involved in the ecosystem. Identifying these challenges and a promising solution to them is what the attendees will take from the session.


Amit Arora is an experienced coach & trainer and a firm believer in the Agile & Lean values and has been also helping others to transform their ways of thinking and working habits. He has behind him, years of development experience, in a variety of environments covering almost all mainstream technologies, including .NET, Java/J2EE, iOS, Android, AI, IOT and many more.

He is the founder of AppMeadows, the ecosystem for mobile app development.  It is the sole platform that aims to focus on mobile apps starting from formation, investment and start-up through to development, design and marketing.

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