Abhilash Murthy

Abhilash Murthy

Track: AI & Bots

Topic: Messaging as a Content Channel

Join us in an interactive session @APPortunity (24th January, 2018, Duration: 1 hour , 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM) in one of our Session Halls for Fintech, AI & Bots.

Bus Uncle, a simple experiment to satiate a developer’s curiosity, grew to become a social media icon loved by more than 30,000 residents in Singapore. He tells you when your bus will arrive, gives you directions, and converses with you about his personal life, almost as if he’s having a cup of coffee with you. His trainer Abhilash has been working his NLP capabilities everyday to prove a highly data-driven conversational experience, while simultaneously injecting classical app functions like subscriptions and notifications for his users. Marketers from a diverse set of industries have approached Bus Uncle team to help them test how Messaging can an effective channel for their content. In this talk, Abhilash will run through Messaging being the next frontier of technology for marketers and how Bus Uncle has been proving it. Using chat bots as a tool for productivity, and a channel for content is what the attendees learn from this amazing session.


Abhilash Murthy is the founder of Bus Uncle, a Singaporean chat bot that has brought smiles on the faces of tens of thousands of residents in Singapore. Abhilash is an experienced software engineer who has worked in both a large corporate bank and a small tech startup. He previously won the Singapore Facebook Hackathon in 2014, and went on to place 3rd in the global finals at Facebook HQ.

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