App Awards

APPortunity will hold an App Contest to choose the best apps in their respective categories. The competitors in different categories shall be chosen by a panel to compete and win awards and recognition in front of an International Attendee audience.

App Details:

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Contest Guidelines

The contest of Apps is guided by the following general guidelines:

  • The entries submitted shall be complete mobile apps and in no case, a draft or an incomplete app.
  • The decision of the judge panel at APPortunity is final and cannot be questioned.
  • APPortunity is not bound to return back any of the material submitted to us for the purpose of the contest. However, we understand that you own the rights to it and we will make sure that no commercial usage of the same is done.
  • Incomplete submissions or submissions that the panel at APPortunity does not deem fit can be rejected without any explanation at any stage of the review process. Any such decision cannot be challenged by any person or entity.
  • Submitting an entry to the contents does not give the right to the submitter of any benefits, per se.
  • Winner of the contest will be announced during the event and the decision of the judging panel will be final and binding for all contest entries.
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